"The Cass Method" 

Welcome to your new life. Your whole world is about to change. These meal plans are designed to get you ripped and lose stored fat on your body.  

Meal Plan #1- Recommended first. Teaches you the basics of the Cass Method. This is a step by step guide to eating. What's included? 

-3 meals a day for a month 

-specific items to remove from your diet/guidelines 

-eat this, not that lists 

-grocery lists 

-eating windows/ times 

-supplements for weight loss and muscle gain 

- perfectly counted macros for best results 

-kitchen tools you should own 

Meal plan #1- $45  Venmo Cassidy-Thompson-4 with a pig emoji  

$45 Meal Plan #1 - DOWNLOAD HERE 

Meal Plan #2- Recommended after your complete meal plan #1.  This digs deeper into The Cass Method and has everything in Meal Plan #1 AND MORE. What's included? 

-Everything in meal plan #1 AND 

-macro and calorie cheat sheet *THIS IS GOLD*

-Spices and seasonings 

-What to eat when dining out (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) 

-"Whatever meals" that won't completely wreck your stomach 

-Recipe page 

-Fat burner tea recipes

and more 

Meal plan #2 - $45  Venmo Cassidy-Thompson-4 with 2 pig emojis

$45 Meal plan #2 - DOWNLOAD HERE 

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